Avoid Premature Death By Switching Over To Electronic Cigarettes Today

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Are you aware of the hundreds of harmful chemical compounds, including a few carcinogenic ones that a puff of cigarette contains? Had you been aware of this fact before you got addicted to cigarettes, you would have never started smoking. However, it is extremely difficult for smokers to stop puffing cigarettes because of addiction. It feels strange to know that hardly few smokers know that nicotine is the sole chemical that causes addiction.

The e-cigarette
This is where electronic cigarettes make their presence felt. They allow you to enjoy the taste of nicotine without exposing your throat membranes and lungs to toxic chemical compounds. For your information, the paper casing of traditional cigarettes releases tar, which forms a coating on the walls of your lungs. This tar coating leads to several respiratory diseases, including bronchitis and asthma.

Premature death
The deadly chemical compounds decrease your lifespan and that of your loved ones too when the inhale the deadly chemical compounds while inhaling air in the room in which you have been smoking. Can you imagine the struggles your family members will face if you die prematurely and if you are the sole earning member of the family? Stop smoking traditional cigarettes and start vaping its electronic version. Vaping is the term used to describe the act of inhaling on an e-cig as this gadget releases a mixture of water vapor and nicotine.

Cost factor
Most people do not want to switch over to e-cigarettes because they believe that it is costlier than traditional cigarettes. While there is no doubt that branded e-cigs do cost slightly more per puff, compared to the standard cigarettes, but you can easily negate the price difference with the help of coupon codes that allow you to get discounts on e-cigs and its accessories such as e-juices, batteries, chargers, etc. The biggest gain is that you increase your lifespan by several years.

Avoid cheaply imported e-cigs
You should never opt for cheap e-cigs, imported from certain countries where they are manufactured without proper diagnostic equipment. These digital cigarettes never provide vaping pleasure and are dangerous too, as they might explode because of the mismatch between the battery and the microcircuit board. It is always better to pay a bit more and purchase your requirements from reputable online stores. Follow the same principle while purchasing e-juices as only sites like bestejuices.org offer e-liquids that have the exact nicotine strength as mentioned on their label.

Brief details about e-cigs
The e-cig is a tubular device that resembles traditional cigarettes. It consists of two parts. The upper section houses a wind sensor, the microcircuit board, and the battery. Some models also have a light emitting diode on the tip of the upper section, which simulates the burning tip of the classical cigarette. The bottom section houses an e-liquid cartridge inside a coil made of resistant metal. When someone puffs on the e-cig, the wind sucked from its tip activates the sensor, which activates the battery, which in turn, supplies power to the LED and the coil, heating up the latter, which causes the e-liquid (a mixture of nicotine, flavoring agents, water, and propylene glycol) to boil and turn into vapor, which you inhale. Costly models also include other parts such as a temperature controller and a liquid crystal display that provided you with information about the temperature of the coil and the wattage of the battery etc.

Different models
When you first plan to switch over to e-cigarettes, go for the disposable model. This allows you to revert to traditional cigarettes if the electronic cigarette fails to satisfy you… an unlikely event. Certain models include a vape tank, which you can refill with e-liquid, once the e-juice in it is exhausted. Some of the best vape tanks of 2018 include:
• Aspire Clieto (cheap)
• Eleaf Melo 300 (tank has a larger capacity)
• Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA (ideal for the first time vaper)
• Wotofo Troll RTA (flavor)

What are the best e juices?
All e juices, apart from the cheaply imported types, are equally good. You have to select one containing a flavor of your choice and nicotine strength that you prefer. You can find a wide range of e-juices at different price ranges at bestejuices.org that is, unarguably, the best online shop offering popular e-juices such as:
• Virgin Vapor
• Cosmic Fog
• Vaporfi Vapor Juice
• Mad Alchemist

Enjoy your addiction to smoking without endangering your health or that of the members of your family by opting in for e-cigs today. To find out more about e-juices visit http://www.bestejuices.org – what are the best e juices.

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